Hi fashionista’s!

I arrived in Japan today. This one was on my bucket list because I really wanted to see the cherry blossoms. I think I arrived just in time to check them out. For this occasion I’m wearing my kimono. I love the loose fit of this traditional dress.

Did you know the kimono changed little by little over the years? This happened because the design reflected the culture and the society of that period. Nowadays in the modern Japan, there are a wide range of kimono’s worn by men, women and children. The snit, color, fabric and decoration depend on the age, status, season and the occasion the kimono is worn to.

Japanese women today have only one kimono left, the Furisode kimono, which she wears at her 20th birthday. If they get married, they mostly rent a kimono. Only in small villages or traditional elders still wear a kimono daily.

I made this one myself, with the DressYourDoll Making Couture set PN-0164664 Yumi Blossom. It’s a level 3 set, so easy to sew for children starting at 9 years old.

I’m going to enjoy the cherry blossoms in this beautiful country.

See you next week!


Japan Yumi Blossom.jpg