Happy Earth Day: how to make a Kimono!

Happy Earth Day to you all! To celebrate this beautiful spring we're having, with the first budding leaves and the blossoms finally blooming, we're showing you how to make this gorgeous DressYourDoll Kimono! This is a product that's available in three designs in our shop, but you can just as easily make it yourself using our Fabric sets! 


Now, we know it looks like a very daunting design — But don't worry, it's actually so easy if you know the steps! Let's dive right in!

1 — Start by laying out your pieces. You should have a piece for the back, two front pieces, two sleeves and a band that will be the Obi, the belt. Now take the two front pieces, and place them, color in the inside, on the back piece. 

2 — Pin together, and sew the two upper seams as shown in 2.

3 — Now fold the fabric open along the seams you've just sewn, so upwards. 

4 — Now, put the sleeves on the main piece, making sure the bits marked in the image line up. Again, colors on the inside! 

5 — Pin together and sew along the colored lines! 

6 — Fold the sewn sleeves open along the seams, so to the side.

7 — Now, close the dress, by folding the pattern downward on itself, colors on the inside. Make sure the dotted lines match up!

8 — Now pin it together and sew the remaining seams! This means, the bottom seams of the sleeves and the side seams of the kimono.

9 — Turn the pattern inside out... And ta-da! Your very first, hand-made kimono! 

10 — No kimono is complete without the Obi, a kind of belt. Usually on a woman it can measure more than 14ft or 450cm! Of course, we use a slightly shorter sash, but it still looks gorgeous. Tie it in a knot or a bow around the waist to give a finishing touch to your kimono.

There you have it! Wasn't that way easier than you expected? 

Are you just itching to get started on this gorgeous design? Patterns and fabrics of these items were used! 

How to make... this elegant pink gown!

For this New Year's eve, let's make your doll something special. This beautiful pink gown is the perfect dress for a chique occasion! 

Doesn't this doll look stunning in her evening gown? With this romantic outfit, she's sure to be the star of the evening. 

This dress may be a bit of work, but let me tell you: it's very easy, all you need is a bit of time. Now let's get started!

1 - Choose your fabric — you'll need almost a full piece of fabric for this dress). You will also need a complimenting fabric for the details!
Take out your Dolly pattern. When you draw this on the fabric, make sure to make it about 8cm longer.
Then fold it double (colors on the inside!). See the blue dotted lines? Sew along there, but stop when you get to the green and orange ones.

2 - Now, cut out a piece of fabric like shown in image n°2. Sew the orange lines together and the green ones. Make sure the colors are on the inside

3 - The top band is really easy. Cut out a piece of fabric as shown, and in the middle, use a basic stitch to gather the fabric together. Then sew along the pink lines. 

4 - The ribbon is also super easy. Cut out these two pieces of fabric, sew together as shown and then sew the ribbon on to the dress! 

5 - For the flower, prepare needle and thread and cut out these three (you can use the same fabrics or three different ones!). Put the three circles in order on the thread, sew a few stitches on top of each other, then attach to the top! 


Don't you think this dress is so beautiful? If you need any help making this, don't hesitate to ask! 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey day to our USA fans!

We hope you celebrate this beautiful fall holiday with giant turkeys and pumpkin pies, maybe a brisk forest walk and, above all, lots of thanks to give. 
If your dolls haven't picked out their party outfit yet, this one may spark some ideas! It's an elegant, puffy, flower-patterned dress with bright pink elements. The bolero vest has purple thread stitches on its borders, a beautiful detail which gives the vest a finishing touch. We also used the same color of fabric for a belt, and it works beautifully. The skirt isn't the easiest one in the book, but we all know you've got to put in the work if you want to look the part! (And the rest is so easy to make, so it evens out!) This dress is the whole package though: Not too chique, not too casual, this dress is the right amount of fancy!  

... And if you ate too much of that delicious turkey, nobody can tell because of your puffy skirt!





The Bolero:

To start, we'll need 2 bolero patterns (found in the Dolly set). Cut them out in whatever fabric you like, and pin them together with the colored side facing out (so non-colored sides against eachother). Sew them together following the borders with a very clean stitch, because we will not be turning this piece inside out.

The top:

For the top, use a top pattern (you can find one in the Peggy set — only use the front piece here). Copy it so you have two pieces. Pin them together (colored sides facing each other here!) and sew as shown in the drawing — on the sides and above the shoulders. Turn inside out.

The skirt and dress:

For the skirt, take one whole piece of fabric from a fabric set (slightly smaller than A4-sized paper).
1- Fold it in half lengthwise.
2- Now sew those sides together using a running stitch, but don't tie it off just yet at the end! 3- Gather all the fabric along the thread, spreading the ripples evenly, to just about 8cm or 3.15 inches. Tie off there.
4- Now, sew the two loose sides of the fabric together and tie off about 2cm or half an inch before the end. 
5- Now we attach the top to the skirt. Take the top (turned right side out) and put it bottom-side first in the skirt. Make sure the top of the skirt and the bottom of the top line up evenly, and sew together. Now you can turn it inside out and have your doll try it on! To top it off, cut out a matching belt and tie it around her waist.

Whew, quite the list!

f you create an outfit, snap a picture and send it to us — maybe it'll get featured on our blog!

We used:

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How to make... this colorful outfit!

These past few weeks we've had a wonderful after-summer, totally calling for a light, comfy and, above all, stylish get-up to go shopping. This outfit is exactly right! In these super-fashionable colors (cool teal, vibrant magenta and rich brown are all the talk around the catwalk these days!), your dolls is sure to turn some heads along the way! 

Putting it together is not as easy, because we'll be making pants — but with our help, it will be a breeze!

For the top, you'll need two identical pieces: front and back. Sew them together as shown in drawing 2 — on the sides and on the shoulders. 

For the bag, you'll need a rectangular piece of fabric and a long ribbon-like piece for the strap (as long or short as you want). Sew the rectangular piece together as shown in drawing 2, on the sides. Turn inside out and attach the strap to the sides. 

Want to know how to make pants? We've got a very handy guide right on our website! 

This outfit was made with these fabric sets:

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How to make... an elegant cocktail dress!

Do your dolls ever have a high-class cocktail party to go to? We bet they do!
That's why one of our designers came up with this very fashionable, upgraded Dolly-outfit: a stylish, elegant party dress with some of our most-loved fabrics! 

It's so easy to make, too: The dress is simply a Dolly-pattern with a skirt underneath. We didn't even design a new pattern for this skirt! Our designer drew a Dolly-pattern, cut off the top to make it a skirt, and then added a few centimeters (or an inch) to the bottom. Of course, you can elongate the skirt as much as you like. Then just put on the skirt first and then the dress on top of it!
To add an extra fun detail to this beauty, our designer added a pretty purple bow on the Dolly top. 

A quick recap: You draw the Dolly-pattern twice (it works best with two different fabrics), keep one as is, and modify the other by cutting off the top and making it longer on the bottom. 

Do you like this outfit? It was made with the "Pastel"-Fabric set and the Dolly Pattern:

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