DressYourDoll is a concept thought out by three women from Belgium, designed to get children to sew again! They find it really is a lost art that is making a comeback for women all over the world. And you bet, when their kids see them sewing, they want to get started too! 

DressYourDoll makes it fun and easy for children to make dolls clothes for their fashion dolls.

From super-easy to more difficult: the preprinted patterns on stretchy non-fraying fabric allow you to sew a trendy outfit for your fashion doll in no time at all. Simply cut along the edge of the pattern and sew along the dotted lines.

Our colourful self-made dolls fashion collection challenges and inspires. Do you fancy making your own creations? The attached patterns on paper are a good start!

Here on our blog, we don't work with preprinted outfits, but rather design them ourselves using our Fabric Sets. You'll be able to buy the needed patterns and accompanying Fabric Sets soon in our shop. Get inspired!

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