Sewing tip #1

Hi, you all!

Great to see you back at the blog. Today is the big day, I’m leaving for my trip around the world. My starting point is here at the Antwerp Central Station. This one is in the top 3 of most beautiful train stations in the whole wide world. Let’s see about that. I’m going to take the train to Amsterdam from here.

To have a comfortable journey, I’m wearing my dungarees. This outfit is called Tilly Jeans (PN-0164668) and is a level 4 kit, which means this is easy to sew for children starting at 10 years.

Did you already leave for your sewing journey? Then I have a tip for you. Pins, pins, pins! Always use pins to keep your fabric together. This way, sewing will be so much easier because the fabric won’t move an inch.

The train is leaving so I’ve got to go.

Have a great day!


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Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Dollie, a 19-year-old fashion designer. I started my own fashion label, DressYourDoll. Cool, right? Now I’m ready to take over the world with my designs. That’s why I’m going to travel around the world, checking off as many items from my bucketlist as possible and hopefully meeting a lot of friends on the way.

I’m starting my journey in Geel, Belgium, the small city where it all started. Planning this trip wasn’t easy. There are so many things I have to see and do. So many inspirational places and events to attend! As a designer, I sure can’t miss Fashion week for example. But I’d love to discover some new places and traditional clothing.

Do you maybe have any tips for me? Let me know in the comments below!
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 Planning my worldtrip

Planning my worldtrip

Have you already heard the news?

From now on you can not only sew clothes for your Barbie sized dolls, but also for your 18 inch dolls. The DressYourDoll-team designed and created 4 different patterns for your baby doll. These patterns are available in no less than 12 different designs!

Is your doll going to the beach? Or is she invited to a garden party? There’s a perfect outfit available for every occasion.

Cecily wears the A-line dress, perfect for a garden party, picnic or walk in the park. Have you spotted the classic eighties dress with polka dots? This is certainly a winner.

Emily wears a shirt combined with a short skirt, which is ideal for a sunny day. Is your doll going on a shopping spree? Maybe she can wear this outfit! Did you already see Emily’s shirt with the cutest bunny ever on it?

Felicity wears a casual shirt and shorts, perfect for a day at the playground or a day at the beach. Boyish with jeans and checkered skirt, sweet with a kitten and pink shorts or sunny with ice creams, there’s a design for every style.

If your doll is going to a formal party, she must wear the Nataly dress. Sew your own gala dress and make your doll the star of the party. Dress her in the golden dress, the flower dress or the one with butterflies and she will definitely shine, no doubt!

All of the outfits also include a handbag, so your doll can take her most precious stuff with her to any event.

Sewing your favorite outfit has never been more easy. Just cut the fabric where indicated and lay the pieces of fabric on top of each other, right sides together so the colored sides are on the inside. Then sew on the dotted lines. Is your piece sewed together? Turn it inside out and you are finished! Time to make your doll shine in your handmade outfit.

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