Super December sales!

We bet your doll is still looking for a stylish, eye-catching outfit for this year's holidays!
Fear not: For the whole month of December, DressYourDoll holds an awesome sale on all evening dresses! 

To top it off, shipping is free for all orders above €75! Just enter the code "HolidayDiscount2015" at checkout!

Start the new school year THE AWESOME WAY: with DressYourDoll sales! <3

The new school year has started all over the world, and sewing up some DressYourDoll is the perfect way to get creative, unwind after a long day of class, or make together with your friends! 

For our awesome fans, we have designed an exclusive, LIMITED EDITION outfit set, so your dolls can start their new school year looking as good as you do!

This outfit is a super-awesome dress with short sleeves (perfect for a early fall day!) with a particularly stellar-looking science cat print! To top it off, a retro school bag is included so your doll can carry all her A+ tests and spelling bee prizes home! 
To make everything even MORE AWESOME then it already is:



Say whaaaat?!

Better hurry though, because these limited edition babies won't be in stock for long! 

Even more awesomeness can be found in our webshop: we put a few of our classics ON SALE!! Check out our SHOP to discover which outfits you can buy for only €6.50!!

from 6.50
from 6.50
from 6.50

How to make... out-of-this-world overalls!

Overalls are BACK in town, and we loooove it! It has one-hundred-and-one different styling options (maybe even more!) so you can totally decide which look your doll is going for today. Sturdy and tomboy-ish? Classy with a twist? We went for a super-cute country look with printed overalls and a red checkered crop top, perfect for all your casual out-and-about adventures under this beautiful summer sun.

WHAAAT?? How can this doll look so awesome?! 
Let me tell you, this may not look super-easy to make, and it isn't. But it's not that hard either! We simply used the Tilly-pattern for the overalls, but with shortened legs! You can obviously choose the length yourself: Super short? Just over the knee? Long with the ends rolled up? EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Such an awesome pattern, you guys. And those beautiful fabrics? Pastel and Red Roses fabric sets!

To make life, no, — fashion — even easier, super-awesome and crystal-clear photo instructions for the Tilly set can be found here. You've got this!
And if you have even the smallest question (Is it true bananas are herbs?? How long do houseflies live?? What is the answer to everything??? ), slap it into the comments below and we'll try to answer at light speed (yes, banana plants are herbs because the stem does not have true "wood" tissue! Houseflies can live for up to a month! The answer to everything is 42!)!