How to make... this elegant pink gown!

For this New Year's eve, let's make your doll something special. This beautiful pink gown is the perfect dress for a chique occasion! 

Doesn't this doll look stunning in her evening gown? With this romantic outfit, she's sure to be the star of the evening. 

This dress may be a bit of work, but let me tell you: it's very easy, all you need is a bit of time. Now let's get started!

1 - Choose your fabric — you'll need almost a full piece of fabric for this dress). You will also need a complimenting fabric for the details!
Take out your Dolly pattern. When you draw this on the fabric, make sure to make it about 8cm longer.
Then fold it double (colors on the inside!). See the blue dotted lines? Sew along there, but stop when you get to the green and orange ones.

2 - Now, cut out a piece of fabric like shown in image n°2. Sew the orange lines together and the green ones. Make sure the colors are on the inside

3 - The top band is really easy. Cut out a piece of fabric as shown, and in the middle, use a basic stitch to gather the fabric together. Then sew along the pink lines. 

4 - The ribbon is also super easy. Cut out these two pieces of fabric, sew together as shown and then sew the ribbon on to the dress! 

5 - For the flower, prepare needle and thread and cut out these three (you can use the same fabrics or three different ones!). Put the three circles in order on the thread, sew a few stitches on top of each other, then attach to the top! 


Don't you think this dress is so beautiful? If you need any help making this, don't hesitate to ask! 

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