Sewing tip #2

Hi there!

I arrived at Amsterdam, what a great city! It’s common knowledge that people in the Netherlands love to ride a bike. The city of Amsterdam is perfect to explore by bike. The canals are beautiful. I also had a little time to go shopping, as I want to get some inspiration by the Dutch fashion. Maybe I’ll buy some authentic Dutch clogs to supplement my closet. Once a fashion queen, always a fashion queen ;).

I’m also back with another sewing tip. If you don’t want your thread to fray, you can spray some hairspray at the end. This way it will be much easier to put the thread in the needle, I promise!

Did you already start sewing your own outfit? Don’t forget to send me pictures! You can reach me on Facebook and Instagram with the #worldtripDYD or send me an email at

I’m so excited to see your creations.

See you soon!


PN-0164650 Twiggy Mondriaan

PN-0164650 Twiggy Mondriaan