How to make... a maxi wrap dress!

Hello summer — sunshine — sewing!!

Let's dive right into making fashionable holiday couture, with this gorgeous wrap dress. Made from a single style of fabric (we opted for a blue and pink floral style from the Pastel set), it is simply perfect for your dolls to wear to the beach, a cozy picnic in the shade or even a shopping spree!
Take a look: 

Doesn't our doll look absolutely ravishing? Make this look for your doll now: It's so much easier than it looks!
We adapted the Patsy-pattern to make an asymmetrical wrap dress with a slightly elongated back. Here you can see what the pattern looked like. A fully illustrated how-to for the Patsy pattern you can find here

We know it doesn't seem like it, but it's actually fairly easy to make! Just don't forget to leave a little gap on the left (circled in red!) so you can pull the strap through! 
If you need our help, just ask us in the comments! And of course, we would lovelovelove to see the results — send us a picture!