How to make... a super cute summer dress!

Well guys, now that summer actually feels like summer (Hello 30°C! We missed you!), we felt this was the perfect moment to show you how to make this super cute summer dress for your dolls. With a low-cut back and a fun knee-length circle skirt, it's all your doll needs for those tropical temperatures! 

Wow, that looks just stunning!

This is another adaption of our all-time classic, the Peggy-outfit. We updated it a bit by using a smaller circle as skirt, which makes it shorter, and giving it a low-cut back without the knots at the back of the neck. 

We used the Pastel fabric set, which you can buy here.

You'll need to cut the 4 following pieces from the fabric of your choice (easiest is if you use a paper Peggy-pattern!). They should be shaped like this (don't copy this picture, it's just a sketch and not an accurate pattern). 

Make sure to do your math here if you draw the pattern from scratch! You see the blue dotted circular line on the skirt? That's the circumference. It should be the same as the waist of your doll. Say for example it measures 8 cm or 3 inches. That means that the length of the blue dotted line on the front piece (top left!) should measure 4 cm or 1.5 inches, and the blue dotted line on each back piece about half that. 

Now sew, with the colors on the inside, the colored dotted lines to eachother (green to green, orange to orange, and so on!). 


Turn the skirt inside out, so the color is on the inside. The shirt should have its color on the outside.



Turn the shirt upside down, and put it with the bottom first inside the skirt, so it sticks out of the top. And still, the skirt should be inside out, but not the shirt!




Now, sew the bottom of the shirt to the top of the skirt. Leave about 1cm from the top. Make sure to make a knot at the end by sewing a few stitches on top of each other!


Turn the dress over, and there you have it: a super cute summer dress for your doll!


That's all there is to it! As a finishing touch, cut out a strip of fabric and tie it around her waist, with a pretty bow on her back!