How to make... an elegant cocktail dress!

Do your dolls ever have a high-class cocktail party to go to? We bet they do!
That's why one of our designers came up with this very fashionable, upgraded Dolly-outfit: a stylish, elegant party dress with some of our most-loved fabrics! 

It's so easy to make, too: The dress is simply a Dolly-pattern with a skirt underneath. We didn't even design a new pattern for this skirt! Our designer drew a Dolly-pattern, cut off the top to make it a skirt, and then added a few centimeters (or an inch) to the bottom. Of course, you can elongate the skirt as much as you like. Then just put on the skirt first and then the dress on top of it!
To add an extra fun detail to this beauty, our designer added a pretty purple bow on the Dolly top. 

A quick recap: You draw the Dolly-pattern twice (it works best with two different fabrics), keep one as is, and modify the other by cutting off the top and making it longer on the bottom. 

Do you like this outfit? It was made with the "Pastel"-Fabric set and the Dolly Pattern:

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