Your personal data, our responsibility

On our website we will collect personal data. These data will be managed by our company. When you visit our site we will keep the following data:

- your domain name (ip address)

- your e-mail address in case you put messages/questions on our website

- your e-mail address in case you communicate this to us

- your e-mail address in case you participate in one of our discussions forums

- all information related to the pages of other sites that you have consulted in order to reach our site

- all information related to the pages that you have consulted on our website

- all information that you have supplied to us voluntarily (such as research information and/or site-registration)

This information will be used:

- for improving the content of our website

- for being able to contact you for direct marketing purposes


In case we receive or transfer data on our website, we will always use the technologies for codification recognised as being the normal standard within the IT sector. We have made use of the necessary security measures to avoid loss, unjustified use or change of information that we may have received on our site/ In case we would receive or transfer sensitive information, such as for example financial information, we will make use of a secured server.

How to contact us concerning our privacy policy?

• In case you want to react to our privacy policy, you can contact us as follows:
- via e-mail:
- via phone: +32 14 58 01 11
- by post: Molseweg 132, 2440 Geel, Belgium