Happy Earth Day: how to make a Kimono!

Happy Earth Day to you all! To celebrate this beautiful spring we're having, with the first budding leaves and the blossoms finally blooming, we're showing you how to make this gorgeous DressYourDoll Kimono! This is a product that's available in three designs in our shop, but you can just as easily make it yourself using our Fabric sets! 


Now, we know it looks like a very daunting design — But don't worry, it's actually so easy if you know the steps! Let's dive right in!

1 — Start by laying out your pieces. You should have a piece for the back, two front pieces, two sleeves and a band that will be the Obi, the belt. Now take the two front pieces, and place them, color in the inside, on the back piece. 

2 — Pin together, and sew the two upper seams as shown in 2.

3 — Now fold the fabric open along the seams you've just sewn, so upwards. 

4 — Now, put the sleeves on the main piece, making sure the bits marked in the image line up. Again, colors on the inside! 

5 — Pin together and sew along the colored lines! 

6 — Fold the sewn sleeves open along the seams, so to the side.

7 — Now, close the dress, by folding the pattern downward on itself, colors on the inside. Make sure the dotted lines match up!

8 — Now pin it together and sew the remaining seams! This means, the bottom seams of the sleeves and the side seams of the kimono.

9 — Turn the pattern inside out... And ta-da! Your very first, hand-made kimono! 

10 — No kimono is complete without the Obi, a kind of belt. Usually on a woman it can measure more than 14ft or 450cm! Of course, we use a slightly shorter sash, but it still looks gorgeous. Tie it in a knot or a bow around the waist to give a finishing touch to your kimono.

There you have it! Wasn't that way easier than you expected? 

Are you just itching to get started on this gorgeous design? Patterns and fabrics of these items were used! 

DressYourDoll presents the brand-new 2015 collection!

New year, new collection! The DressYourDoll-team started working on the 2015 line back in October 2014, and we had a blast designing every single outfit. This year, we went two ways with both the new Mix 'n Match-series and the Ethnic sets. Let's take a look!

The ultimate combination sets: Mix 'n Match

First, we pride ourselves in the already high level of combinability of our sets — but with our brand new Mix 'n Match sets, we take it to a whole new level! These sets, with four distinct styles (catered to all tastes), each consist of three sets: tops, bottoms and accessories. Both tops and accessories are 1 scissors, so super easy! The bottoms are 3 scissors, because you'll have to make pants. Luckily, there are also super easy skirts, so you can still get started very quickly. Check them out below!

The Pink-sets are only just presented and they're already proving to be fan favorites!
Of course, it's impossible not to love these bright colored outfits!

These lovely Pastel outfits are jus too good to be true. In pastel pink, mint green, sky blue and soft gray hues, they are sure to brighten up every doll's day!

The Grunge theme is one for the real fashionista's out there! With a bit of a hipster flair going on, these outfits will surely be the talk of the town.

Are you ready for some Red and Blue action? These gorgeous sets combine the Union Jack and the Star Spangled Banner into a stylish theme! 

W to the O to the W! We are so in love with these outfits. Especially because you get so much more different outfits out of them than with a regular set! They even combine so well amongst each other, so you don't even need to stick to one theme — You can just... mix 'n match! (Pun intended!)

On to part two of our 2015 collection: DressYourDoll goes ethnic! 

Around the world: The Ethnic collection

As DressYourDoll is sold in more countries every year, we felt we needed to expand our horizons. After all, our fanbase stretches out across the globe! To introduce the Ethnic collection in our assortment, we came up with our stylish take on three different types of gowns: the kimono, the kaftan and the sari. 

The Sari outfit is a stylish adaptation of the classic Sari drape in India! 

The Rani outfit seems to pop right out of an Arabic fairy tale! 

The Yumi is a Japanese kimono that takes you right to the land of the rising sun!

So what do you think? Totally in love? Because we sure are!
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