How to make... this colorful outfit!

These past few weeks we've had a wonderful after-summer, totally calling for a light, comfy and, above all, stylish get-up to go shopping. This outfit is exactly right! In these super-fashionable colors (cool teal, vibrant magenta and rich brown are all the talk around the catwalk these days!), your dolls is sure to turn some heads along the way! 

Putting it together is not as easy, because we'll be making pants — but with our help, it will be a breeze!

For the top, you'll need two identical pieces: front and back. Sew them together as shown in drawing 2 — on the sides and on the shoulders. 

For the bag, you'll need a rectangular piece of fabric and a long ribbon-like piece for the strap (as long or short as you want). Sew the rectangular piece together as shown in drawing 2, on the sides. Turn inside out and attach the strap to the sides. 

Want to know how to make pants? We've got a very handy guide right on our website! 

This outfit was made with these fabric sets:

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