Happy Earth Day: how to make a Kimono!

Happy Earth Day to you all! To celebrate this beautiful spring we're having, with the first budding leaves and the blossoms finally blooming, we're showing you how to make this gorgeous DressYourDoll Kimono! This is a product that's available in three designs in our shop, but you can just as easily make it yourself using our Fabric sets! 


Now, we know it looks like a very daunting design — But don't worry, it's actually so easy if you know the steps! Let's dive right in!

1 — Start by laying out your pieces. You should have a piece for the back, two front pieces, two sleeves and a band that will be the Obi, the belt. Now take the two front pieces, and place them, color in the inside, on the back piece. 

2 — Pin together, and sew the two upper seams as shown in 2.

3 — Now fold the fabric open along the seams you've just sewn, so upwards. 

4 — Now, put the sleeves on the main piece, making sure the bits marked in the image line up. Again, colors on the inside! 

5 — Pin together and sew along the colored lines! 

6 — Fold the sewn sleeves open along the seams, so to the side.

7 — Now, close the dress, by folding the pattern downward on itself, colors on the inside. Make sure the dotted lines match up!

8 — Now pin it together and sew the remaining seams! This means, the bottom seams of the sleeves and the side seams of the kimono.

9 — Turn the pattern inside out... And ta-da! Your very first, hand-made kimono! 

10 — No kimono is complete without the Obi, a kind of belt. Usually on a woman it can measure more than 14ft or 450cm! Of course, we use a slightly shorter sash, but it still looks gorgeous. Tie it in a knot or a bow around the waist to give a finishing touch to your kimono.

There you have it! Wasn't that way easier than you expected? 

Are you just itching to get started on this gorgeous design? Patterns and fabrics of these items were used!