Not one, but two retro outfits!

Wow you guys, how about the 60's! Thinking about the big, bold prints and sunny color palettes, every day must've felt like a summer picnic in the park. It's hard not to be inspired by those gorgeous fashion times, so the DressYourDoll-team got cracking with our very own retro fabric sets and fashioned not one, but two very stylish designs!

Oh my, look at those! Aren't they so cute? Looks like that inspiration sure sparked! 

The outfit on the left is so cheerful and sunny, with a geometric orange - blue - yellow printed fabric. It really is more a casual outfit, a simple dress you wear on a sunday picnic or as a throw-over at the poolside. 
What the outfit on the right lacks in casualness, it completely makes up for in style and class. It sports a pencil skirt with a strapless top and a 3/4 jacket with a bow to tie in the front. This is the outfit your dolls wears when she has an urgent business meeting to hold or an important client to see! Because who said your career outfits had to be dull, dark suits? Not us! With this outfit, your doll shows colors are back in business! 

The best news is that these outfits are so incredibly easy to make. Dare we say, one, two scissors at most? Yes, we dare say! 

The outfit on the left was made using a simple modification of one of our classics, the Twiggy pattern. The A-line dress just screams 60's! We simply took the front piece of the pattern and cut off the sleeves, and then copied the pattern to create the back piece. We just broadened the neck line a tiny bit, but you can do whatever you want! Make a V-neckline or lower it in the back.  Then you transfer both pieces on the fabric of your choosing, cut out and sew them together! That's all there is too it!

The outfit on the right is a bit more hands on, but very easy nonetheless. We used strapless Dolly pattern and cut it in two to make the top and skirt. Transfer both to your preferred fabric, cut out and sew! The jacket is a modified version of the Jacky pattern, with both the sleeves and the bottom cut a bit shorter. Top it off by sewing two ribbons in a contrast color to the corners for a fancy closure element! 

With these outfits, your dolls are ready for a trip to the 60's in no time! 

Both outfits were made using fabrics from the Little Birds fabric set (casual dress and pencil skirt), the Red Roses fabric set (blue jacket), and the Soft Tones fabric set (beige top). You can buy there here, here and here