Roos Productions delivers wherever possible within the time frame of 5-8 working days after receiving your order (depending on the country of destination).

The general delivery term within Belgium is 1 day after you have received the shipment confirmation email.

The general delivery term in other European countries is 1-4 days after you have received the shipment confirmation email.

The general delivery term in the rest of the world is 4-8 days after you have received the shipment confirmation email.

These delivery periods are stated by way of indication only and are not binding. Delays in delivery do not constitute grounds for termination of the agreement or for the payment of damages to the Buyer. In accordance with the law on commercial practices, losses and / or damage to an ordered product are at the expense of Roos Productions. You have 5 working days time to notify us that your order is damaged. You must inform us by phone or email. In case of loss you must let us know that you have not received your package. All abuse on this matter will be prosecuted.

Transportation costs

Transportation costs will be charged depending on the weight of your order and the country of destination. 


Country of destination        < 3kg          > 3kg

Belgium                                4,60 €         5,90 €

Netherlands*, Luxembourg     6,15 €         7,90 €

Germany*                             7,70 €         9,80 €

France*, Monaco                  14,50 €        15,10 €

United Kingdom*                   12,35 €        17,15 €

Italy*                                    14,35 €        28,80 €

Ireland                                  14,35 €        48,70 €

Austria                                  14,90 €        15,30 €

Switzerland, Denmark*           15,50 €        15,60 €

Zone 2                                  16,60 €        35,55 €

Zone 3                                  26,10 €        35,55 €

Zone 4                                  43,50 €       65,50 €


Zone 2: Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Sweden*, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic

Zone 3: Finland, Bulgaria, Norway, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Iceland, United States of America

Zone 4: Canada, Russia, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico

*Island surcharge for delivery on islands. If you live on an island, please select the shipping option accordingly. If we notice your address is on an island and your shipping option does not correspond to this, we will notify you to pay the remaining shipping cost before shipping your purchase. Otherwise, your purchase will be refunded to you.

Can't find your country in our shipping options? Contact us at roosproductions@gmail.com and we'll see if we can find a solution!